Massage Cupping

Cups on Back

It all started when…

Don’t fear the cups! Yes, it looks diferent and the cups and leave marks but it’s all GOOD!

What is Massage Cupping?
Massage cupping is a form of vacuum therapy, using different forms of cups (silicone, hard plastic and glass) all with manual pumps to create a suction. This suction lifts the underlying tissue. Treatments can be customized to for a variety of therapies from lymphatic drainage to deep tissue release.

What are the benefits?

  • Releasing muscular, fascial and connective tissue adhesions and trigger points

  • Lighter application for lymphatic drainage

  • Relieves fascial tension for plantar fasciitis

  • Shown to relieve pressure from nerve impingements

  • Reduces scarring - can assist in healing surgical scars (new and old)

  • Relieving respiration congestion and inflammation

  • Eleviating abdominal discomfort - from constipation to ovarian cyst pain (post rupture)

  • There are many many more benefits. Come check it out and see for yourself!

Other things to know:

  • Cups often leave marks. This is OK. The cups can pull old, stagnant blood and cellular waste out of cells, up to 4 inches deep. Marks can stay as long as 1 week depending how your body processes, past trauma to the body, how old the injury etc.

  • Due to the highly increased circulation it is VERY important to stay hydrated and after the treatment to avoid heat